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Spartan Academy's Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program offers students a challenging yet realistic approach to jiu-jitsu. Our system utilizes high percentage techniques combined with physical fitness and a no-nonsense attitude that gives our students a step up on the competition. Our BJJ is applicable in real world encounters and sport competition alike. Our program stays pure and is rich with elements of Judo,  Wrestling, and Striking. Our lineage has a direct line to the founders, both of our BJJ instructors received their  BJJ Black Belts from Master Cleber Luciano. The lineage line is as follows:

Our instructors > Master Cleber Luciano > Master Royler Gracie > Grand Master Helio Gracie. Our BJJ program is high percentage and demanding, our core principals are Positive Attitude - Fitness - Agility - Toughness and Determination! Join Us Today!

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